Artan Enesi

ENESI-07 sh.p.k.

Tel/Fax: +355 42351515
Mobile: +355 692040408
Mobile: +355 692040308

e-mail: enesi07@yahoo.com

  In 2007, the same owner founded "Enesi 07 sh.p.k", a company situated in Tirana, Albania, with a unique goal of efficiently connecting our existing and potential partners with the Albanian clients, essentially expanding our market.

Representatives of the aforementioned company in Tirana are in direct contact with clients in Albania, which enables a two-way feedback directly from the field. Their tasks also include presentations, product placement, as well as staying in the loop with new products offered by our partners.

The main goal of our company is to develop our network by continuously providing all essential products, services and solutions, eventually leading to a general company growth, as well as expansion to new areas covered by our expertise and client interests.